Feats Of Clay (And Char, Of Course)

The Media Insights and Entertainment Conference for 2022 is in the books, and I’m told they exceeded their registration goal.  I’m not quite sure how much our participation or any of us specifically had to do with that, but I can tell you about someone whose efforts certainly did matter.  Frankly, were it not for … Read more

We Wrote The Song

The Media Insights and Engagement Conference of 2022 is winding down, and I’m told they exceeded their attendance goal.  And from the looks of the happy faces, most of which we could actually see, and the many business cards and swag in my suitcase, I can attest it feels like there is some degree of … Read more

From Gen X-Er To Gen XR?

You probably hadn’t heard of Dr. Helen Papagiannis before this; I know I didn’t.  As we head into the home stretch leading up to next Monday’s Media Insights and Engagement Conference in Nashville, I noticed Helen’s name was added as a keynote speaker for the conference’s key middle day.   So I clicked on her agency … Read more

The Battle For 94 Minutes A Day

On the eve of the broadcast upfronts, in the wake of 17 returning shows being cancelled and its cast and crew joining the unemployed this week, the timing of a Hollywood Reporter article that attempted to use Nielsen data to shine some light on the potential sea change that caused this struck me as, well, … Read more

And Here Are Your Hosts…

The best thing about an in-person convention is the opportunity to actually have face-to-face conversations with people who the normal limitations of geography and life are limited to occasional phone calls, e-mails or social media posts.  Yes, you can glean a lot about someone’s professional and personal lives this way, and there’s nothing inherently wrong … Read more

Evan Shapiro: Renaissance Thinker

While I’ve yet to personally meet Evan Shapiro, he should know that he’s one of my favorite media executives of all time.  He’s a risk-taker, passionate, can unravel complicated concepts and ideas didactically and has the track record of personal and professional success to back it up. And best still, he respects the role of … Read more

What a Fool Believes?

Less than one day after Elon Musk announced his intention to take a spare $44B and acquire Twitter, attentive observers started noticing some seismic shifts in the number of followers that certain accounts had, all of which were double-digit multiples of their average daily fluctuations. As SocialBlade widely reported, everybody’s favorite gun-toting congresswoman Marjorie Taylor … Read more