Loneliness. Such An Honest Word.

I typically write these musings when it’s quiet and dark in my room, often with little more than a desk lamp illuminating my screen and my mind.  Like anyone who would like to consider themselves a decent writer, I do this alone.  Which is fine. Except lately I seem to do virtually EVERYTHING alone.  Most … Read more

Welcome To A New Generation Of Players.

There’s an awful lot of game show content debuting in all forms of media–TV, online, print–of late, many of which directly involve people I’d like to think are personal friends.  I realize I’m in a very small minority of those who consume this eagerly and avidly because, hey, I admit I love the genre, and … Read more

It’s Good To Be The King

There’s an awful lot happening in our world of musings that I could focus on today.  The spectacle of unbridled cultism that CNN offered up in prime time last night.  Bob Iger’s earnings call where he teed up the possibilities of Hulu being eliminated, moving the company out of Florida and joining the growing ranks … Read more

United We Fall, Divided We Stand

I have every reason in the world to despise Elon Musk.  I nearly was side-swiped by a swerving Tesla while driving the other night, for which my rider blamed ME and dinged my record.  I was appalled to see the celebration  of his employees when his latest launch of a Space X rocket blew up … Read more

Whassup, Bud?

I needed a drink and an escape last night.  It’s that time of the month, so to speak.  If you scroll down to the bottom of this entry, you’ll have an idea where my head, and my net worth, are at this writing.  But at the advice of someone I respect, I’m trying to call … Read more

There’s No Fool Like This April Fool

Maybe you’re in a frame of mind to live up the promise of this day, but I’m nowhere near that jovial.  In fact, I’m feeling far more like a fool than ever. If I’m to believe the urban myth that CNBC18.com attributes the origins of April Fools Day to, I guess I have to thank, … Read more

Another Milestone. Wanna Celebrate With Me?

As an unapologetic and passionate sports fan, numbers have always fascinated me.  My dad was an accountant and tax preparer, and at least until calculus I was actually better at math than I was in writing and creativity.  Those damn functions derailed what could have been a promising career in physics, which I am certain … Read more