A Love Lettah To Barbra. And Barbara.

Dear Ms. Streisand, My humblest apologies. I initially had no intention of reading your recently released autobiography MY NAME IS BARBRA.  I had gotten some tepid feedback from friends who lamented plunking down $47 for nearly 1000 pages of your stories, many of which they found to be written from the perspective of someone who … Read more

Happy Roommate Day

Seems like every single day on the calendar can be celebrated through some food, relative or historical reference.  Take today, for example.  Do a quick Google search and you’ll learn of at least five: World Kindness Day, an international holiday that promotes kindness123 Indian Pudding Day, a day to enjoy a traditional American dessert23 Odd … Read more

There Goes Mr. Jordan. For Now.

I’ve never been able to get into wrestling, much as I love all sports.  And no, I’m not talking about the likes of WWE, which as we know is scripted performance art that emphasizes the E, “entertainment” way more than the second “W”. I’m talking about rassling, as the quiet, socially awkward dude who was … Read more

Nothing Trivial About This

I’ve had better weeks, thank you, but I did vow to keep my personal bitching to a minimum.  I developed a separate site for such content, and moved a great deal of what used to be contained here over there.  This morning, I was prompted to pour out my frustration by a series of events … Read more

This Time, It’s Personal

Like so many American Jews, the images that played through my news and social media feeds yesterday were both sobering and disturbing.  On the 50th anniversary of the outbreak of the Yom Kippur war–on a Shabbat, on the Jewish holiday of Simchat Torah–we saw the news of Hamas’ attack on Israel.  As of this writing, … Read more

Let It Go?

On a day that was fraught with emotion for me on many levels, to top it all off, I had to see headline after headline about yet another so-called “nice guy” being publicly exposed for being far less nice in private than he was in public.  As DECIDER’s Greta Bjornson reported: Jimmy Fallon has been accused … Read more

Appealing To Even Higher Authorities

TO: KAMALA HARRIS, VICE PRESIDENT, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA FR: STEVE LEBLANG, MEDIA CONSULTANT RE: A CRISIS IN YOUR HOMETOWN Dear Madame Vice President: Forgive if you can my boldness and directness, but considering a day doesn’t go by when you or one of your colleagues sends me several e-mails asking for my money to … Read more