Which Post Would You Read?

There’s been a disproportionate amount of noise and internal strife at the WASHINGTON POST lately, enough to make it newsworthy even amongst Los Angeles-based sites that otherwise cover TV.  This nugget from THE WRAP’s Natalie Korach hit my inbox earlier this week: Jeff Bezos, owner of the Washington Post, assured staffers Tuesday that the “journalistic … Read more

The Smart Kids Get To Rule The Beach

At last count, I’ve violated eight of the Ten Commandements and am guilty of violating every single one of The Seven Deadly Sins.  Since I’m not writing you from jail, you can rest assured I’ve yet to murder anyone, temptation notwithtanding.  I’ll let you guess which of the other nine is still not yet crossed … Read more

Inside Out 2 Turns Fantasy Hollywood Upside Down

I’m still enough of a glutton for punishment to play fantasy baseball and football, and I’ve been doing so for decades.  Don’t worry, the stakes are far more minimal than they used to be, so even when the inevitable happens and something that some pundits saw as unpredictable occurs, it doesn’t do damage to me … Read more

A Book My Dad Would Have Loved. I Know I Did.

Father’s Days aren’t easy for guys like moi.  No kids of my own, and this is the tenth that mine hasn’t been around to even try to wish those greetings to.  Truth be told, in practicality it’s been even longer.  My dad suffered what turned out to a be a fatal episode in a short-staffed … Read more

What’s The Matter With Kids Today?

I probably should be a bigger fan of the ANKLER’s mysterious Entertainment Strategy Guy than I am.  He’s the de facto research guru of the snarky, smarmy, elitist counter to everything Penske, and he regularly drops literally tons of data points to make his cases for what and why decisions are made by streaming services … Read more

They Report. YOU Decide.

My friend in the desert who follows politics voraciously was dealing with a heat wave yesterday, so I’m not surprised he forwarded this from POPULAE INFORMATION author Judd Legum: On Tuesday, Popular Information reported that Sinclair Broadcast Group injected deceptive attacks on Biden’s age into dozens of local news broadcasts. Sinclair owns or operates 186 local news … Read more

20th Century Thoughts? For Better Or Worse.

We are just about halfway through the month that will end at just about the halfway point of the year that will just about end the first quarter of the 21st century.  I realize there’s an awful lot of hedging in that statement, but I know my readership well enough to know that if there’s … Read more

The Real Golden Bachelorette?

I’m fairly sure Joan Vassos is a pretty decent woman.  For the uninitated, PEOPLE’s Skyler Caruso profiled her last month: Meet The Golden Bachelorette’s leading lady!  Joan Vassos has been named the star of the inaugural season of ABC’s female-led version of the senior dating show, exciting news that was revealed at the Disney Upfronts presentation in N.Y.C. … Read more