Fairness?! F**K Off!!!

The SUCCESSION finale has been dropped, and if you’re someone that has other things going on in your life right now of higher priority, I’m gonna put a massive SPOILER ALERT on the balance of this musing.  I’ll say this much before you go if you choose: if you haven’t yet discovered this gem of … Read more

So Long, Farewell, Auf Weiderschein, Hello

It’s both apropos and upsetting, but hardly atypical, that we are bidding farewell to several top-notch series this Memorial Day weekend.  We already covered earlier why TV no longer takes a holiday while we do, because streaming rules, streaming services are device-agnostic and you’re just as capable to watch these shows on a beach ,in … Read more

The Password Is: ARPU

The first time I heard the term referenced in today’s title was in a high-level strategic meeting involving top cable network executives where they were explaining that contrary to the steady growth rate we had seen for years with the adoption of cable or satellite television that we were about to reach a tipping point … Read more

Sunny, You Should Ask?

I have a confession.  I’ve been addicted to TV Guides ever since I was a kid.  Not to the extent that Elaine Benes’ obsessive suitor was; I can’t make a bouquet out of its pages.  But I do try and peruse every listing and make notations when I see something of interest–not that I’d watch, … Read more

Not Ready For Prime Time Players

So another savior for the cesspool that many believe American is today announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for president.  But this time, it was done in what was being as a groundbreaking way–on social media, on a relatively unknown feature of Twitter called Twitter Spaces.  With fanfare and expectations that belied the fact … Read more

Max Hype. Min Impact.

So yesterday was the beginning of the rest of time for the world of Yosemite Zas and what’s left of Warner Discovery, as the world was finally exposed to the long-awaited MAX app.  Our friend Zas actually allowed himself to be quoted as referring to it as “our rendezvous with destiny”.   From first blush, on … Read more

Cannes Do

There are conventions and festivals, and then there is the Cannes Film Festival.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have been invited to Cannes once, for the TV equivalent, so I’m among the privelaged few that have dined on the Lower Croissette, strolled the village in search of the perfect pain au chocolat, and had a … Read more

He Goetz It

One of the few enjoyments I tend to get these days is when I drive for rideshare companies, not only because it’s the one way I can seem to make any money  in a manner most would consider legitimate, but it also gives me a chance to learn a few things.  As you may know, … Read more

Blame Canada?

A longtime friend of mine who recently departed the CW passed along a lengthy piece that recently dropped on DECIDER lamenting what is now clearly the end of an era.  The Alex Zalben-authored piece was an emotional eulogy to a network that was a champion of diversity, stability and storytelling. led for most of its … Read more