Meet Steve Leblang

Steve is a dynamic, high-energy strategist and researcher who has been integral to record-breaking successes in audience size and revenue generation. He has successfully led teams in marketing, qualitative research, and content acquisition at Sony Pictures TV, Game Show Network, FX Networks and FOX cable networks, among others. His unique ability to curate, synthesize, process and effectively communicate critical information to C-Suite executives has been honored by the cable TV industry.

Personal Optimization

Are you a content provider who desires greater and more efficient targeting to your most fertile audience?  My unique ability to harness readily available personal engagement metrics and contextualize them using the principles of media research can provide you with the tools to direct your social media marketing toward your most readily available potential customers.  Allow us the opportunity to discuss your goals in a free consultation call.  We will develop a strategy that will yield results for you once we partner. Let’s make a statement together. 

Le Blog

Zig When They Zag

Lately I’ve been told one of the reasons I’ve encountered such frustration late in life is because I was a relative overachiever and ahead of my time when I was younger.  In an era where working your way through a large company was still the only way someone with my meager background could better himself,

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It Should Be YOUR First Day Of School, Too

Yes, it’s in the range of 100 degrees in a great deal of the country, and all reports are it will stay that way for a while.  Of course, in today’s world, that’s ideal weather for going back to school.  Here in LA, despite the unfounded fears of so many, the return begins today–yes, whether

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Saturday Night Blah

It’s the dog days of August, just before what I’m hoping will be a busy time of year for me, and it was humid AF.  Besides, I kind of needed to make myself scarce, if you know what I mean.   So a movie on a Saturday night made some logistical and financial sense.   BULLET TRAIN

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Who I've worked with


Dominik Leconte – Senior VP, Programing and Networks Research, Sony Pictures Television Studios Steve is not only a super human with a large heart, but a great colleague for years who has abundance of TV knowledge from what aired in which time slot (pick any year) to what happened in the latest episode of (pick any show). Superb research, scheduling and acquisitions chops!  Thorough, easy to work with and pleasure to be around.