An In-COVID-ient Truth?

Far too many years ago for me to be comfortable owning up to (ok, it premiered 48 years ago this month; happy?!!?)  a breakthrough sitcom set at a Brooklyn high school called WELCOME BACK, KOTTER was appointment TV.  While most of the fans from that era will recall the show being where we first saw … Read more

Tales Of Data, Dad Jokes, Defense, Defeat and Detail

Nielsen’s monthly and eagerly anticipated snapshot on the world of video, THE GAUGE, dropped its August report yesterday, with its own PR firm (somehow spared from the recent budget cuts that cost dozens of highly experienced researchers their actual JOBS) prolifically chortling their version of facts to an overly salivating world of observers, investors and … Read more

OK, I’m Wrong. Now Act, Already!

Contrary to the opinions of so many people who would still claim to be friends of mine, when it’s brutally clear that no matter how much logic, reason or fact may go into what classifies as nothing more than an educated POV based on decades of actual experience, if there is a narrative that absolutely, … Read more

Today Flint, Tomorrow The World?

Byron Allen’s back in the news cycle again, and yet again there seems to be shock that he’s mentioned in the same breath as some of America’s largest media monoliths as a serious candidate for the ownership of a conglomerate as storied as ABC (not to mention a few other significant Disney assets). Google some … Read more

In A Complicated World, New Rules Are Needed

If nothing else, the actions and reactions to the two polarizing celebrities that have dominated trade press and zeitgeist surrounding the crippling dual strikes against the AMPTP have brought to mind the reality that you honestly never know how much people one might intuitively believe have nothing in common actually do. Drew Barrymore and Bill … Read more

“Karthik” Diem?

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to connect via a high-profile friend with David Kenny, who at the time was the CEO of Nielsen. I had never personally met David; my dealings at those levels preceded David’s tenure, and he cut his teeth with executive positions on the agency side. I expressed to … Read more

The Mourning Show Is Back

There was once a time not too long ago when there was genuine excitement and anticipation that was in the air.  Waaaay back in November 2019, we were on the cusp of dramatic expansion of brand new, exciting streaming platforms to challenge the dominance of Netflix, none quite as intriguing as the launch of Apple … Read more

The Differences Between Write And Wrong

Drew Barrymore hasn’t been this controversial since she overreacted to an alien and overaroused a late night talk show host. These days, Drew has somehow become the poster child for CBS daytime, defying both marginal ratings and a myriad of obstacles, starting with a global pandemic, to begin her fourth season as the host of … Read more

A Matter Of Trust?

A very busy day yesterday began with a hopeful argument from a friend who was particularly concerned about the lack of progress in the Charter-Disney dispute that had disrupted his extremely nuanced, eaborate and established setup of how he could view and record a multitude of college football games on a timetable that would often … Read more