One Buwwet Weft?!

We’ve spent a lot of time chiding and second-guessing the reign of error that has largely defined David Zaslav’s tenure running Warner Brothers Discovery.  The trajectory was largely defined early on by this declarative statement as covered roughly two years ago by FRONT OFFICE SPORTS’ ubiquitous Jon Lewis: Discussing the rising cost of sports media … Read more

The “Problem” With Jon Stewart? Too Honest?

Like millions of people who share my demography, background and essential political leanings, I’m a huge fan of Jon Stewart’s, arguably more than I ever have been.  And even though I wasn’t a regular viewer of THE DAILY SHOW when he built it up to a cultural touchstone when he was hosting it, well, daily, … Read more

Let The Shell Game Begin

Our long national nightmare–well, at least the one that may have been keeping Shari Redstone’s now-former employees awake–is over.  UPI’s Paul Godfrey was among the many that broke the news earlier this morning: Paramount Global, the owner of Paramount Pictures, CBS television, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon and MTV said Monday it had accepted a $8 billion … Read more

Anything But Despicable

I haven’t been able to find much positive inspiration lately; certainly not in the last few days.  And a holiday weekend devoid of the preponderance of summer blockbusters that once dominated multiplexes didn’t offer the cornucopia of welcome distractions from the world at large that often saved many of us from nervous breakdowns. But, thankfully, … Read more

The “Kingmaker” Behind QuiBiden

By my count, there are now at least three senior citizens of some prominence who are incapable of accurately understanding what the court of public opinion actually thinks about them. One, of course, is the presumptive Republican candidate for the presidency, that esteemed golfing legend who lovingly referenced his opponent as a “broken down pile … Read more

Still Funny A.F.

I grew up fearing the year 1984; thank you, George Orwell and my high school English teachers.  But instead of utter dystopia we got a memorable Apple commercial that utterly trashed the eponymous novel that drove my angst, a shockingly entertaining race for the National League Eastern Division title between the Mets and Cubs, neither … Read more

Playing Hard To Get Might Yet Pay Off

Ah, Sharileh, you little minx. Just when you’ve sort of convinced most observers you had actually moved on with your life and had set things up to make a go of it for a while, you turn around yesterday and crank things up again with the suitor you had jilted mere weeks ago.  Per BLOOMBERG’s … Read more

Go Get ‘Em, Roomie!

Of all of the news that’s been eminating of late from the smouldering remains of the dumpster fire Shari Redstone’s obstinance has turned Paramount Global into, none was as encouraging as what was widely reported yesterday, including THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER’s Erik Hayden: Barry Diller is taking a look at Paramount Global. The mogul’s digital media … Read more