The Biggest Loser? Look No Further.

My best friend, for reasons I can’t possibly try to sensibly go into publicly, has given me the pet name of “Brock”.  So I was kind of rooting for Mr. Purdy, that young up-and-comer quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers, who led his underdog team to overtime and down the field with an impressive seven-minute-plus … Read more

It’s Halftime At The Super BSowl

There’s been excitement and action eminating from the Pacific Time Zone all week, and there’s more ahead in the coming days.  Today, of course, all eyes are being turned in the direction of Las Vegas where some say Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce will be in attendance for an Usher concert.  Or perhaps it’s the … Read more

Tet For Tat?

In the last week, two iconic figures emerged from tunnels.  Punxstawney Phil began the week by groggily peering out into the Pennsylvania winter and saying “this will be over in six weeks”.  At week’s end, Scranton Joe hurriedly called one of the few press conferences he’s held in recent months to declare that our political … Read more

This Old Dog Needs No New Tricks

When some dogs get up in years, some more cautious owners might try to wean its activity or adjust its diet.  But as it enters its 20th year, The Puppy Bowl is arguably more vibrant, popular and meaningful than ever, thank you.  And, ironically, it owes its inspiration, and perhaps its legacy, to a fox. … Read more

Ad Finitum

The official start time of Super Bowl LVIII isn’t until 3:30 PM Pacific Standard Time Sunday.  Even the official pre-game shows on ESPN, CBS and NFL Network don’t start until 6 AM. But for me, who loves to watch every bit of content connected to the game, my pre-game has already started. Yesterday, USA TODAY … Read more

Numbers Don’t Lie. Only People.

If I have anything resembling a mantra that I do my best to reinforce every waking moment, it’s the one I often had to remind disbelieving executives with whenever I’d be the bearer of ratings news or testing reports that went against every instinct they had had when they put blood, sweat and tears, and … Read more

Don’t Rain On Our Parade

Those of you who have actually been following these musings know all too well at times I can be a bit harsh on the subjects.  I tend to write as the spirit moves me, and sometimes the spirits are a tad more evil.  Some of you even take a moment to justifiably call me out … Read more

Curb Your Emotionalism

The end of yet another era of a television legend begins tonight, and I sometimes get the feeling that even feeling a bit of remorse about it would be considered triggering for the person who created it. But, he said channeling his best Susie Greene, F**k You, Larry. Whether you like it or not, you’re … Read more

Spatial Invaders?

Techies of Planet Earth, once again, it’s your world; we older farts just hope you’ll let us exist in it a while longer. Based upon the amount of paid and free publicity that one could not avoid if they tried, that’s certainly the emotional narrative that Apple was hoping would be extracted as it at … Read more