COVID? Or Just Cold (Feet)?

The more this wacky, unpredictable and utterly exasperating presidential campaign summer drags on, the more difficult it becomes to understand why so many high-salaried and supposedly auspiced individuals appear increasingly incapable of taking some sort of action that might instill confidence from anyone other than blind faith devotees. The most recent chain of events that … Read more

Is Everybody A Critic? Heck, Many Aren’t Even Reporters

If you blinked during the recent few days where celebrity deaths and near-deaths for politicians dominated the news cycle, you probably missed most of the newsworthy items that were unveiled during the Summer Television Critics Press Tour, which once again held court at the fabluous and thankfully heavily air conditioned Langham Huntington Hotel in Pasadena.  … Read more

Bye, Bob!

The spectre of  celebrity death has been unrelenting this month, and we’re barely past the halfway point.  Yesterday yet another legend left us when the revered Bob Newhart passed a couple of months short of 95, leaving legions of fans from multiple generations to both grieve and warmly remember him. If you were around when … Read more

Maybe They’ll Soon Call Them The Johnnies?

For all the negativity and nervousness one might find if they found themselves in a room with media’s leaders and titans, you;d be hard pressed to find someone with more of a spring in their step than you’d be likely to find in John Landgraf’s today. Landgraf is more than merely a survivor, now in … Read more

Hey, Nielsen! Cut The Data. And The Crap.

More than most, I know how exceptionally hard it is to get people to pay attention when new content is dropped.  I see my metrics, or what pass for them, and for the most part they’re relatively stagnant. So I give all due props and respect to my onetime vendor Brian Fuhrer, one of the … Read more

Beverly Hillbilly Elegy?

So now we know who the future of America is, at least according to those who feverishly believe it has been preordained by the Lord Almighty.  Yesterday afternoon it was announced that J.D. Vance, not yet 40, barely a year and a half into his career of public service, was anointed to become the chosen … Read more

Brenda and Dylan Forever. And Trust Me, She Knew Worse.

Within minutes of my hitting the “publish” button on yesterday’s musing where I snarkily referenced we had been spared the “death comes in threes” psuedo-truth by a couple of inches, the news came from multiple sources that indeed a third celebrity had passed with a 24-hour period.  This one, while all but unexpected given the … Read more

Health and Wellness Head Home

It is said that death typically comes in threes, so when the breaking news events of yesterday unfolded where within hours we learned of two prominent celebrity passings it was probably to be expected, if highly inappropriate, that right after the news from Butler, Pennsylvania broke a couple of my more incideniary social media connections … Read more

Is It The House Or The Neighborhood?

David Stapf is considered to be one of the nicer and certainly one of the more loyal folks who toil around Hollywood, or at least the fringes where most of what’s left of the Los Angeles production business calls home these days.  He’s been associated with CBS for a quarter-century, the last 20 in charge … Read more