Aren’t We Better Than Traylor Park Trash?

Look, I freely admit I am hardly in the demographic wheelhouse to be a Swiftie.  I don’t have children who are, either, and, honestly, if I passed Taylor Swift in a hallway, I wouldn’t know who she was save for what I am certain would be paparazzi and swooning fans that would accompany her every … Read more

Easy? Fast? Surely You Jest.

I write this with the disclaimer that, frankly, I’m hurting.  I’m at a loss for words, and my doctors simply aren’t the immediately responsive types, but migraines are really starting to impact me, and the fact that it’s Yom Kippur isn’t helping.  Sorry to say for all of you medical experts that it is most … Read more

Portnoy’s Complaint Could Be The Murdochs’ Solution

I was going to devote today’s musing to the fact that despite my strong belief, based in large part on my own direct experience—yes, mostly positive—with Rupert Murdoch, that although he has released a statement that insists he is technically passing the stewardship of his companies to number one son Lachlan, there is little question … Read more

Too Many Cooks?

A writer once stopped by my old apartment to work on a script with my roommate, who was ostensibly collaborating with him on a “passion project”.  While they were brainstorming, the writer took over the kitchen to prepare dinner for them, which included his “special sauce”, which he casually explained was “like the kind usually … Read more

See Ya, Rupes? Fake News!!!

So yesterday’s breaking news was all abuzz about Rupert Murdoch’s announcement that after a 70-year career helming the companies that eventually became News Corporation and the array of assets known as FOX he was at last stepping down from that position.  As (ironically) CNN reported: Rupert Murdoch, the powerful right-wing media mogul who built and … Read more

An In-COVID-ient Truth?

Far too many years ago for me to be comfortable owning up to (ok, it premiered 48 years ago this month; happy?!!?)  a breakthrough sitcom set at a Brooklyn high school called WELCOME BACK, KOTTER was appointment TV.  While most of the fans from that era will recall the show being where we first saw … Read more

Tales Of Data, Dad Jokes, Defense, Defeat and Detail

Nielsen’s monthly and eagerly anticipated snapshot on the world of video, THE GAUGE, dropped its August report yesterday, with its own PR firm (somehow spared from the recent budget cuts that cost dozens of highly experienced researchers their actual JOBS) prolifically chortling their version of facts to an overly salivating world of observers, investors and … Read more

OK, I’m Wrong. Now Act, Already!

Contrary to the opinions of so many people who would still claim to be friends of mine, when it’s brutally clear that no matter how much logic, reason or fact may go into what classifies as nothing more than an educated POV based on decades of actual experience, if there is a narrative that absolutely, … Read more

Today Flint, Tomorrow The World?

Byron Allen’s back in the news cycle again, and yet again there seems to be shock that he’s mentioned in the same breath as some of America’s largest media monoliths as a serious candidate for the ownership of a conglomerate as storied as ABC (not to mention a few other significant Disney assets). Google some … Read more