The Very Definition Of Insanity

No less a genius than Albert Einstein once defined insanity as this graphic denotes.  And for the first two days of the 118th U.S. Congress, we have seen exactly that process play out, to an increasingly eye-rolling but, sadly, none too surprised nation. Although the actual Groundhog Day is next month, yesterday sure seemed like … Read more

Living Off The Fad Of The Land

As 2022 winds down, the year in review and best of lists will predominate as the world (well, except me) gets ready for a two-week vacation.  What will inevitably come up will be what we became enamored with and have already forgotten, as well as what has recently emerged that is now on the upswing … Read more

Largemouth Bass?

So Los Angeles now has its first female mayor in its history, and only its second African-American leader.  The first returned the Olympic Games to the city and had the international terminal at LAX named after him,  The second took office Sunday afternoon and will immediately be presiding over a series of seemingly interminable construction … Read more