Not Ready For Prime Time Players

So another savior for the cesspool that many believe American is today announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for president.  But this time, it was done in what was being as a groundbreaking way–on social media, on a relatively unknown feature of Twitter called Twitter Spaces.  With fanfare and expectations that belied the fact … Read more

You Think Tik Tok’s Our Biggest Problem? Don’t Be A Jerk!

I adore my best friend–seriously.  Without this person, I wouldn’t be able to function or speak as honestly as I do nowadays.  But sometimes, on occasion, I’m surprised by the degree of passion expressed when they opine about topics that most of the self-described “normies” that have populated my world would consider off-limits, and certainly … Read more

Bipartisan Ignorance

Politics and Hollywood have always had a symbiotic relationship.  Studios and their leaders have often provided opportunities for fund-raisers during crucial campaigns, and depending upon particular circumstances both parties could take full advantage of it.  The one significant political event I was able to afford to attend was a fund-raiser for Al Gore at the … Read more

It’s Not Easy Being Greene

I suppose there are a lot of expectations that people have when one’s last name is Green or Greene.  After all, green is one of the most descriptive adjectives and theoretically positive words in the English language. Green means go.  There is usually an association with movement. Green is the color of money.  There is … Read more

Perp And Circumstance?

I can’t escape it.  No matter where I turn to escape my severe real-life worries (it’s the end of the month, and rent is due again), all I seem to see is reaction and overreaction to an indictment of some old horndog that went down yesterday in New York. My Facebook friends, many of whom … Read more

The Calm Before The Stormy?

I’m truly, honestly scared. Donald Trump himself told the world, or at least the few who actually subscribe to Truth Social, and then the countless websites that somehow justify amplifying his ranting texts as legitimate news, that tomorrow he will become the first former president to be arrested.  As Hugo Lowell of The Guardian reported … Read more

Precedence Day?

As an elementary school kid, I looked forward to February more than many other kids did.  I wasn’t a huge fan of school during those earlier years, what with not being challenged by the watered-down curriculum my deportment and my draconian principal relegated me to. as well as regularly getting beaten up and ridiculed for … Read more

What FOX News REALLY Should Have Learned

I was never invited by anyone to storm the Capital, certainly not on January 6, 2021. But slightly more than a decade before that, I was forcefully requested by a superior to “napalm Oldsmar”. Oldsmar, Florida is the Tampa suburb that at the time housed the Nielsen Company.  I worked directly for FX, and tangentially … Read more