Fake News? Sure. But Fake Sports?

I love sports, and I love attractive women.  I’m not alone in those beliefs, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.  And whenever I’ve met one who is sincere and passionate about their fandom, it’s an immediate connection that often overrides mere physical allure.    Believe me, some of the best PEOPLE I’ve ever known … Read more

Hey, Where’s The GD Game?!?!?!?

My dad and I had a Sunday afternoon ritual during football season to watch–well, suffer through–the Giants and the Jets–which, if you look back on how those teams performed during the 1970s, brought particular pain on most Sundays.  But the results paled to the frustration and Tourette’s-like rants that would spew from him when he … Read more

If Someone Else Builds A Better Mousetrap, You Shouldn’t Be A Rat

In worlds where the fates of thousands and the destination of millions of dollars rides on the accuracy of results from a smattering of votes, it’s almost understandable that there are countless examples of people complaining about outcomes.  Lord knows we’ve seen it in politics–lately, especially.  We’ve also seen it in media since–well, pretty much … Read more

Still Fighting On

No less than the ageless and indominatable Norman Lear, currently in the later stages of development for two new streaming services a few weeks past his 101st birthday, gives me the kind of confidence and resilience to continue to soldier on and push like mad for even a day of what used to be for … Read more

C’mon. You Know You’ll Watch.

On days like this when I’m feeling especially despondent (honestly, I’m far too devastated from something that happened last night to even dogwhistle my way into some sort of explanation), I feel particularly aghast at what we consider to be newsworthy. This was an actual update from Business Insider’s Ryan Hogg that dropped yesterday : … Read more

We’ll All Go On LIV-ing. Like It Or Not.

The shock waves that echoed through the sports world that soon spread beyond yesterday when the PGA and LIV golf tours announced they were merging were significant.  The New York Post’s Jenna Lemoncelli succinctly recapped the key talking points in an article yesterday for anyone late to this particular tee time: PGA Tour and LIV … Read more