One Buwwet Weft?!

We’ve spent a lot of time chiding and second-guessing the reign of error that has largely defined David Zaslav’s tenure running Warner Brothers Discovery.  The trajectory was largely defined early on by this declarative statement as covered roughly two years ago by FRONT OFFICE SPORTS’ ubiquitous Jon Lewis: Discussing the rising cost of sports media … Read more

The Color That Matters Most Is Gold

NOTE:  This musing also appears today on our sister site,  Please visit it regularly for extended coverage of sports and the media that covers it.  This is the third time this year across our two sites that I’ve been motivated to offer a musing involving Caitlin Clark and women’s basketball.  That alone should reinforce … Read more

Liberte! Egalite! Obscurite?!

  NOTE:  This musing also appears today on our sister site,  Please visit it regularly for additional sports coverage. As this is being written, they’re warming up at Stade Roland Garros in Paris for the men’s final of the 2024 French Open.  It’s actually a pretty decent match-up with some potentially historic implications, as CNN’s … Read more

Luka? Jaylen? I’m Rooting For Chuckster.

  NOTE:  This musing also appears today on our sister site, Double Overtime .  Please visit it regularly for observations and insights specific to sports. I’ve been fortunate enough to have attended a couple of Super Bowls in person, the most recent being the Steelers-Cardinals showdown in Tampa in February 2009.  It was a thrill to … Read more

Roast Tom. No Turkey.

I like live TV.  Be it sports, news or comedy, I like the possibility of seeing something occur in real time, unvarnished, unexpected that will give me a momentary advantage on most of the world for being aware of something at least buzzworthy, if not historic. So I’m still one of the Luddites that at … Read more


You’ll have to forgive our ol’ pal Yosemite Zas if he seemed a little out of place last night.  There he was, the Long Island native and presumed Knicks fan, leading off a post-time out segment of celebrity attendee spottings at last night’s Knicks playoff game, on no less than TNT, what remains of truTV … Read more

Slow Clap Or Eight Clap?

Maybe I’m late to this particular party, but in the last couple of days it’s become far more apparent to me that there are two newspapers in Los Angeles that are unapolgetically biased in their coverage of UCLA sports.  One is the school’s longtime house organ, THE DAILY BRUIN.  The other, apparently more so than … Read more

Bird Bites Man?

Amidst a somewhat tumultuous week for certain divisions of NBCUniversal (make sure you return that IPad, Ronna, not that you were around long enough to have it set up for you), some news came out of the Peacock camp that seemed to trumpet that they found the secret sauce to streaming success.    Put a … Read more