Take Them Out Of The Ballgame!

The news was not unexpected.  Anyone who has followed sports, media or business knew about this Ides of March was going to be a hallmark day in the history of how and where fans see their favorite teams’ games.  Still, the news that reverberated through all of these industries’ publications yesterday was still dramatic, such … Read more

Another Day of Super Firsts?

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and that always means a day devoted slavishly to watching TV.   And for many of my onetime friends and colleagues at FOX Sports, who are carrying today’s event, they are especially eager to see this day come. It’s the first-ever post-season matchup of Philadelphia and Kansas City, two teams with only … Read more

Welcome To Wrelevance

It was yet another slow and, frankly, lonely day, one that I’d hoped would have been shared with friends watching the NFL conference championships, but those two damn pesky realities, lack of money and lack of healthy football-loving people willing to have someone over, got in the way.  So I wound up scrolling for something … Read more

After Further Review…

I still have a few friends who are invested and proactive enough to forward me articles that will potemtially inspire my own takes.  The nature of such support with people whose lives are far busier than mine is typically when a headline or a first graf catches their eye and then invites me to parse … Read more