Slow Clap Or Eight Clap?

Maybe I’m late to this particular party, but in the last couple of days it’s become far more apparent to me that there are two newspapers in Los Angeles that are unapolgetically biased in their coverage of UCLA sports.  One is the school’s longtime house organ, THE DAILY BRUIN.  The other, apparently more so than … Read more

Bird Bites Man?

Amidst a somewhat tumultuous week for certain divisions of NBCUniversal (make sure you return that IPad, Ronna, not that you were around long enough to have it set up for you), some news came out of the Peacock camp that seemed to trumpet that they found the secret sauce to streaming success.    Put a … Read more

And Here’s To You, Mr. Levinsohn

When news broke last month that SPORTS ILLUSTRATED was found to be increasingly reliant on AI-generated content, even creating deep-fake profiles of non-existent journalists in the process, I, like many of those who immediately empathized with the human reporters who uncovered this behavior, laid the blame squarely at the feet of the man in charge, … Read more

For The Love Of The Game. And The Money.

If there was any doubt whatsoever of the stranglehold that the National Football League has on America’s emotions and behavior, the events of this holiday weekend should convince even the most skeptical of us that there is scant little else that can get people, organizations–heck, even state leaders–to fall at the sport’s gladitorial feet and … Read more

The Worldwide Liar In Sports?

I’ve never worked for ESPN, but plenty of really talented and decent people I’ve known personally, some from college and some from professional alliances, have.  Some still do, though in recent years that list has diminished significantly.  I especially miss the ones who routinely handed out branded swag like Tic Tacs at various events they … Read more

Scarce As A Peacock?

You wanna see  the defending Super Bowl champions, the stars of the current in-season iteration of HARD KNOCKS and, much like the Golden Globes, a possible glimpse at Taylor Swift?  On a Saturday night in mid-January, on a holiday weekend, when it’s damn cold around most of the country, even the exurbs of Los Angeles? … Read more

King Of All, Not Just Media

NOTE:  This musing also appears today on our sister site, THEDOUBLEOVERTIME.COM, which regularly publishes timely opinions on all sports as well as how media is influencing and is influenced by them.  If you’re a fan, or would like to be more of one, please visit.  There’s a temptation among an awful lot of basketball fans … Read more

Give This Cuban A Cigar. And Your Attention

I don’t profess to have personal knowledge of how many moguls act and think, but one I have had candid and detailed discussions with is Mark Cuban.  Cuban is the rare example of someone with immense wealth and relative accessibility, and has never lost the traits of his relatively humble upbringing in western Pennsylvania while … Read more