Welcome To Wrelevance

It was yet another slow and, frankly, lonely day, one that I’d hoped would have been shared with friends watching the NFL conference championships, but those two damn pesky realities, lack of money and lack of healthy football-loving people willing to have someone over, got in the way.  So I wound up scrolling for something … Read more

After Further Review…

I still have a few friends who are invested and proactive enough to forward me articles that will potemtially inspire my own takes.  The nature of such support with people whose lives are far busier than mine is typically when a headline or a first graf catches their eye and then invites me to parse … Read more

Does The Crime Fit The Punishment?

The Boston Celtics are beginning the defense of their surprising run to the NBA Eastern Conference championship with a new, interim head coach.  As any basketball fan knows, the rookie head coach that led them to that runm Ime Udoka, has been given a one-year suspension, the result of an external legal firm’s investigation into … Read more

An Amazonian Performance Across The Board

So a mere few hours before its second NFL Thursday night game, Amazon Prime Video finally announced the official tallies of viewership for their first a week earlier.  Not exactly an overnight rating, for a number of both legitimate and red tape reasons, but in many ways worth the wait.   Sports and business media, not … Read more

F-ck. He Is Gone.

Vin Scully was such a master of the spoken word, the one time I heard him say “f-ck”, even that word sounded eloquent. Once upon a time, I had a big enough job at a company that actually owned the Los Angeles Dodgers to warrant VIP treatment.  One of the only true perks I tried … Read more

Beating The Trade Deadline

In the baseball world, this weekend is a signpost in the marathon of a season where teams jockeying for the playoffs are seeking to upgrade their rosters with trades. So far, the highest-profile names that could potentially be moved, star Washington outfielder Juan Soto and two-way phenomenon Shohei Ohtani of the Angels, remain with their … Read more

Mr. McMahon Leaves The Ring

An awful lot of my friends and colleagues know far, far more about the specifics of the world of professional wrestling than I do.  With passions and opinions usually reserved for family or politics, they can debate the legitimacy and premeditation of any Wrestlemania from the last several decades, which talents were destined for their … Read more