Where Have All The Anchors Gone?

I grew up in a far different era of TV journalism, one where people actually reported news and commentary generally came from prepared speeches awkwardly read by management, particularly at local stations.  That’s because an overwhelming majority of news presenters were trusted figures, many with decades of experience which at the time went back to … Read more

Play Nice, You Kids

Any time you can get competitors to agree upon anything as simple as “it’s raining outside” in this climate, it’s newsworthy.  One only needs to look at the sh-tstorm that unfolded in real time in the House of Representatives’ chambers last week as evidence of that unfortunate truth. So when an item like this one … Read more

The Empire Strikes Back

On August 24th, The Nielsen Company will celebrate its centennial, making it far and away the most experienced measurement platform in all media.  Many veteran observers, and a few senior executives, will barely be in a celebratory mood when that occurs, and privately, many of them would have expressed surprise that the company was indeed … Read more

Viva Zapata!

Full disclosure:  I’ve not yet met Andrea Zapata, Warner Brothers Discovery’s head of Ad Sales Research, Measurement and Insights.  But I’ve done my homework, as any good researcher would, and I’ll freely admit I’m now a huge fan.  There’s a great profile interview of her that recently dropped on Duane Varan’s LEGENDS OF MEDIA RESEARCH … Read more

Come Together!

If you’ve picked up anything in recent weeks from these entries, you may have surmised that I’m anything but a fan of practices involving isolation.  Aside from the personal triggers it provokes, it is my distinct belief that it has contributed strongly to business decisions and pivots that overemphasized technology as a life determinant, created … Read more