The Fun Was Real. Now The Hard Work Begins.

The 2023 Infinity Festival Hollywood is, as any Mets fan would say, “in the books”.  The weather was glorious, the lattes were delicious, the pizza was surprisingly fresh and filling, and the opportunities to network with like-minded, passionate creatives both on the content and technical side were ample. It was everything a gathering should be. … Read more

The Agenda’s No Longer Hidden. This Week, Neither Should You.

You know a convention is about to open when an agenda finally goes live.  In the last few days, the details of the one for this week’s INFINITY FESTIVAL HOLLYWOOD were posted.  If your curiosity wasn’t already whetted before, it should be. This year’s events are grouped by day into buckets and tracks with specific … Read more

To Infinity…And Beyond?

As regular readers know, I am absolutely driven by the concept of face-to-face interaction, COVID variants be damned.  There is absolutely no valid excuse at this point in time for anyone, anywhere, unless they are actively infected to avoid the chance for connection, especially in a business sector that is evolving (some might say devolving, … Read more