The Agenda’s No Longer Hidden. This Week, Neither Should You.

You know a convention is about to open when an agenda finally goes live.  In the last few days, the details of the one for this week’s INFINITY FESTIVAL HOLLYWOOD were posted.  If your curiosity wasn’t already whetted before, it should be. This year’s events are grouped by day into buckets and tracks with specific … Read more

How DID They Do It?

AVATAR 2: THE WAY OF WATER.   GRAN TURISMO. SPIDER-MAN: ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE.  BARBIE.  Collectively, these four films released over the last 12 months raked in over $4.5 BILLION DOLLARS in box office revenue–nearly $1.75 BILLION DOLLARS in the US alone. Heck, I even saw two of them in theatres. These were not mere hits.  They … Read more

From Small Wonder To Infinite Wisdom

Anyone who could conquer Youngstown was destined to conquer Hollywood and Silicon Valley, right? I first crossed paths with Mark Lieber when he was a young sales executive for a soon-to-be defunct distribution arm of the soon-to-be extinct Metromedia conglomerate.  Mark even joined while the fate of the company was in limbo, shortly after it … Read more