Infinity Festival Hollywood
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Infinity Festival Hollywood
A Proud Sponsor of LEBLANGUAGE
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To Infinity…And Beyond?

As regular readers know, I am absolutely driven by the concept of face-to-face interaction, COVID variants be damned.  There is absolutely no valid excuse at this point in time for anyone, anywhere, unless they are actively infected to avoid the chance for connection, especially in a business sector that is evolving (some might say devolving, but I’m nevertheless hopeful) by the second.

Hence, I’ll make yet another impassioned plea for anyone interested in any business which touches Hollywood and/or Silicon Valley to join me and hundreds of others at Infinity Festival Hollywood.

The official tease:

Infinity Festival Hollywood is the place where Hollywood meets Silicon Valley!

A multi-day annual event held in the heart of Hollywood, Infinity Festival celebrates “story enabled by technology”, bringing together the finest storytelling talent with the innovative creators of cutting-edge technology.

Going into its 5th year, IF is a uniquely Los Angeles experience that’s based on Hollywood’s legendary role in generating the world’s best stories. The festival features panels, exhibitions, screenings, and evening events all driven by thought leaders in the media and entertainment space who are leveraging technology to create content.

For more info, visit our website to keep track of schedule, evening events, celebrity additions and more…

To whet your appetite just a bit more:

Live and in person: Howie Mandel, Christina Aguilera, Elijah Allan-Blitz, Autumn Rowe, and dozens of other visionaires and genuises.  Dressed up.  Well-groomed.  Like it used to be, and still should be.

An amazing Hollywood locale, plus other adrenalin-pumping venues.  Not your couch.  Not the metaverse.

And, parochially, a chance for you to meet several folks I’ve cherished actual professional relaionships with for decades who will be only too happy to indulge you with tales of their own success (yes, Mark, Mike and Liz, I’m starting with you, but by no means is that the end of the list–and Lord, I’m hoping it is a much longer one by next Saturday).

As they used to say on NBC back in the day, “Let’s All Be There”.

Until next time…


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