Maybe A Little TOO Upfront?

Another upfront season is slowly but surely unfolding.  Several of those relative dinosaurs called basic cable networks are doing presentations for agencies ahead of the relative new kids on the block, the digital and streaming services.  By the middle of next month those in both worlds–the broadcast networks in the ad-supported streaming world, will be … Read more

Spin Over Substance

There weren’t many dry eyes in Culver City yesterday, and it wasn’t just the unseasonably rainy conditions that created that phenomenon.  Before an invited audience sprinkled with former contestants and executives who benefited greatly from his presence, Pat Sajak taped his final episodes as host of WHEEL OF FORTUNE, bringing to an end a run … Read more

The Entourage Cashes In

Mention the name Ari to any fan of media and one’s mind immediately goes to the surname Gold, the irascible and tenacious father figure to the bros from Queens who rode the coattails of Vincent Chase to conquer Hollywood in the beloved HBO series ENTOURAGE.  But it was the real-life Ari on whom Jeremy Piven’s … Read more

Of Mice And Men

It has not been a banner year so far for the Walt Disney Company.  No theatrical release has clicked, ABC is only now starting to show signs of life as its veteran scripted series are finally returning to their schedule and Disney +’s attempt to put some of the $71B of former Twentieth Century Fox … Read more

The Made-For-TV Movie Is Back. With A Kick.

There hasn’t been much available in theatres so far this year to justify the significant expense of time and money to schlep out of the comfort of one’s home.  Anyone who questions whether or not climate change is real should consider the rash of spring snowstorms and West Coast rainstroms and compare that to the … Read more

Slow Clap Or Eight Clap?

Maybe I’m late to this particular party, but in the last couple of days it’s become far more apparent to me that there are two newspapers in Los Angeles that are unapolgetically biased in their coverage of UCLA sports.  One is the school’s longtime house organ, THE DAILY BRUIN.  The other, apparently more so than … Read more

It’s Not Good Mourning Football Quite Yet

It was an emotional Good Friday for the cast and crew, let alone the small but passionate fan base, of GOOD MORNING, FOOTBALL.  It’s actually been airing for seven and a half years, live from New York, weekday mornings on NFL Network.  Even among sports networks, it was an afterthought in a daypart where yelling … Read more