Good Riddance, Double Deuces

As if we needed yet another reason to consider 2022 an “annus horribillis”, as THE WRAP’s prolific Sharon Waxman wrote in her eulogy to what was at times a G-d-awful twelve months, news broke last night that a trailblazing female journalist that I strongly suspect inspired her, Barbara Walters, had passed away in her New … Read more

It Came Upon Post-Midnight, Clear

I don’t know about you, but last night, while visions of sugar plums, latkes or maybe just the umpteenth rewatching of IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE was going on,I worked two jobs because, frankly, I need the money far more than breath. The very fact that I can admit that to anyone is seen by many … Read more

Living Off The Fad Of The Land

As 2022 winds down, the year in review and best of lists will predominate as the world (well, except me) gets ready for a two-week vacation.  What will inevitably come up will be what we became enamored with and have already forgotten, as well as what has recently emerged that is now on the upswing … Read more

The Grieving Process Continues

So I actually began therapy this week, which I am sure won’t come as a surprise to any of you, and perhaps a relief to those who still give a damn.  With all of the losses I’ve experienced of late, and with absolutely no hope of changing anyone else’s deadset opinions about how (or if) … Read more

I Got Nothing TODAY

Most mornings, I usually am inspired by something in the news, whether it’s in pop culture, media or the world at large, to offer my views, insights and experiences in a manner unique to my journey and, hopefully, matter to any of you who choose to invest even a few seconds while you’re sipping coffee, … Read more

It’s Not Just You. It’s Me.

When one experiences rejection, particularly with the frequency as I have of late, it’s often much easier to try and blame “extenuating circumstances” for one’s woes.  There’s some sort of comfort in being able to reassure yourself that “it’s not your fault”. I’ve seen that behavior exhibited in plenty of recent quarterly reports and media … Read more