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About a month ago, I had the chance to be an invited guest on an honest-to-goodness podcast with actual audience and traction.  I know I’ve got a lot of smart and worthwhile things to say about what I’ve done and what others are doing, and I know if you’re reading this you’re part of my posse.  I wrote about it then, and for some of you, the attached link will be redundant; if not, click here:

Rescued Again? – Leblanguage

But, let’s face it, we’re not exactly best-in-class with our metrics.  Which is why when Jim Serpico invites you sit down and chat, you put on a clean shirt and pay attention.  And when Jim tells you how and when to share, you do just that.

As I type this, it’s eaxctly the moment this will be released:  Here’s what he suggested I share to all of y’all:

The podcast streams EVERYWHERE, like iTunes, Palle Music, etc. But this is a link to our show page on the HOST site. The episode goes live at 5:30 AM EST, Monday.
Let me know if you have questions. Thank you for all. -Jim

Hey guys – I’m so excited to be on today’s Bread For the People podcast, streaming everywhere you get your podcasts. It’s an interview series hosted by television producer and breadmaker Jim Serpico. We talked about many things, including how testing data influenced the reshoot of FX’s Rescue Me pilot, the evolution of Seinfeld, and the facts about sleeping your way to the top of Hollywood.

You can follow the podcast on Facebook @bread4thepeoplepod and on Instagram @jimserpico.

BFTP Guest Graphic Leblang.png
 I had a blast doing it, and I sure hope you’ll give it a listen.  And, if you can, go to Jim’s site and consider buying a loaf.  Feel free to send me one too if you’re open to it.   I might need it sooner than later.
Until next time…

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