Dominik Leconte – Senior VP, Programing and Networks Research, Sony Pictures Television Studios
Steve is not only a super human with a large heart, but a great colleague for years who has abundance of TV knowledge from what aired in which time slot (pick any year) to what happened in the latest episode of (pick any show). Superb research, scheduling and acquisitions chops! Thorough, easy to work with and pleasure to be around.

Eric Steinberg – Media Research and Insights Lead, Whip Media
I’ve had the pleasure of learning from and working with Steve for my entire career. His deep and well-rounded knowledge of the industry is unparalleled and I relied on his experience and advice many times. We worked most closely when our companies were co-producers on series for CBS. Steve was insightful and collaborative in those meetings and I was comforted to have his experience in the room. Steve contributed to our projects by offering compelling takes on the data and constructive suggestions on how to proceed.

This man’s mind is why the simile “like a steel trap” was created. Steve has impressed me many times with his recall of the details of audience figures, schedules, corporate moves, staff members, casts, producers, etc. He would then take those facts and string together a narrative of what happened or could happen in different scenarios. Ask anyone who knows him and they will marvel at his mastery of details.

Finally, Steve is man of strong character. I’ve never seen him raise his voice in anger and he has always been respectful and generous to everyone he encountered. He is a joy to work with and elevates the work of everyone around him. Any organization would benefit greatly from Steve’s insights, deep industry knowledge and professionalism.

Frank Palumbo – Vice President, Account Manager of Sales, Nielsen
I’ve known Steve Leblang since the outset of his career going back to our days at a sales rep firm in New York, and before that at our alma mater SUNY Oswego. Steve is not only one of the brightest and most talented researchers I’ve ever encountered, but his encyclopedic knowledge of media content, from the earliest days of radio to the complicated streaming-centric landscape of today, is unparalleled. His ability to bring concrete data into context and perspective, and be able to effectively communicate the key findings to internal stakeholders and external partners, has not only resulted in billions of dollars of incremental value to the companies that have employed him, but it also has lifted the value and respect of the company I work for, Nielsen. Steve has been a champion and a valued client of Nielsen for decades, and leaders like him have established deep ties and mutual respect that have made business both enjoyable and exceptionally successful. I have discussed the local TV business with him on a number of occasions and have found him to be the epitome of a collaborative partner who cares about its future growth and survival. Finally, having known his personal ethics and character longer than most I can categorically say that there are few more honest, integrity-driven and quality human beings in this business than Steve.

I would endorse him for any position that can benefit from his vast and broad experience, and would wholeheartedly encourage any business in traditional or digital media to take the opportunity to bring him into their ranks and reap the benefits of it.