Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

While the TV show of that name has gone away yet again, the desire, I believe, remains consistent with anyone who isn’t already one.

And when it comes to businesses connected to cannabis, the opportunities to become one are growing as quickly as the number of legal states and the quality and breadth of those who are utilizing products and connecting with related brands.  Yesterday’s post only began to scrape the surface on the exponential growth anticipated for the balance of this decade.  How many businesses can you identify that conservatively predict a growth of more than six-fold to a nearly $200B valuation by 2028, at a more than 30% CAGR?  The explosion of digital monetization expands the possibilities for investors and people with an idea exponentially.  NFTs are simply one area where potential exists; blockchain, crypto, Web3 and metaverse are areas with dramatic growth potential.  Among Spanish speakers, these multiples loom to be even higher.  Cannabis, pure and simple, is far, far more than simply just joints and shake.  The numbers scream breadth, acceptance and GROWTH.

Your opportunity to get in on this–if not the ground floor, certainly those closer to ground level as the skyscraper is erected–can begin with the Cannabis Investing Forum, to be held August 13th all day in downtown Los Angeles.  A formal invitation, as well as sign-up opportunties, will follow this entry as well as others we will be posting in the coming weeks.  Again, while the option for virtual connection exists for those with limited capacity for travel or true health concerns, the chance to connect one-on-one with insightful, forward-thinking entrepreneurs cannot be underestimated.

If you happen to have any ideas that you think might be worth being heard out, for a nominal cost you can pitch them to those with the capacity to fund them.  If you’re an investor, you’ll have a host of options to consider, some at truly ground zero.  CEOs and founders of businesses connected to cannabis law, marketing, digital currency and production are already booked.   The images you see here are but a few of those who will be present.   We will aim to provide more detail on them as the date grows closer.

And if you think we’re victims of hyperbole think about this–our world isn’t getting any more normal or calmer in the near future.  The health and calming benefits of cannabis products, again far more than simply just smokables, are proven and offer far less baggage than other options.   It’s dizzying to think of the chaos that may lie ahead.  With education and accessibility, it’s safe to assume that acceptance and consumer quality will continue to grow.

Take a look, please.  Regis may be gone, but your final answer to attend CIF 2022 should be “yes”.

Until next time…

Cannabis Investing Forum – Home


 I would like to invite you and your network to the August 13, 2022 Cannabis Investing Forum Los Angeles to network with Industry professionals and investors who are leading the development of the exploding opportunities at the intersection of cannabis, blockchain, crypto, metaverse, NFT and Web3!

  • Free Registration – Industry Professionals – (First 200 to register)!
  • Accredited Investors – Complimentary Ticket
  • Free Webinar Registration!

The event will be located at Incubakd, a Collaborative Cannabis Campus located in downtown Los Angeles that has developed the newest concept in national and international business development for the global cannabis and hispanic market.

  • Date: August 13, 2022
  • Time: 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM
  • In Person & Live Webinar
  • Location: Incubakd Collaborative Cannabis Campus
  • Address: 220 W 21st St. Los Angeles, CA 90007
  • Eventbrite Registration Link
  • Opportunities for speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors.

Saturday, August 13, 2022 – Cannabis Investing Forum

You and your network are invited to the August 13, 2022 Cannabis Investing Forum hosted by GrowwCoin. We are inviting Blockchain, Cannabis Cryptocurrency, Metaverse and NFT Industry Professionals and Investors!

More information at www.cannabisinvestingforum.com

Opportunities to Participate

  • Speaker
  • Investor Judge
  • Company Raising Capital
  • Exhibitor
  • VIP Gift Bag
  • Sponsor
  • Media and Marketing Partner
  • Sales

If you have questions or would like to schedule a call send a email to Chef Matt at ganjaeats@gmail.com

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