What’s the deal with Jerry Seinfeld? Why is he so old and pissy?  You see this guy complaining about the wokes to the New Yorker? You see this? Sounds like my old man when he drives by a Best Buy they built where his favorite hardware store used to be

You believe this asshole? I know he was the star of “Seinfeld,” which was a great show back in the 1990s. But why didn’t he leave that decade? Doesn’t he know that we have streaming television now, and that he can watch “South Park” anytime he pleases if he’s worried that people aren’t getting their recommended daily allowance of “Hey! Look at that Black guy!” jokes? Doesn’t he know that Joe Rogan has a podcast where he can make fun of anyone he wants AND tout ginkgo biloba as a cure for HIV? What is this Seinfeld guy, 70 years old? What’s that? He actually IS 70 years old? Well my dad is older than that, and no one comes to arrest him anytime he makes an awkward joke about “the hip-hoppers” at the dinner table! And he makes those jokes a lot! I don’t even think my dad knows what hip-hop is! He might think it’s some kind of footracing league!

Well, Jerry did indeed turn 70 last month.  And, in fairness, it’s his contention that UNFROSTED is inspired by slightly more substantial influences, which he confessed to via the Netflix house organ TUDUM and writer John DiLillo:

Jokes aside, the framework of Unfrosted is borrowed from a few beloved classics. “The film that inspired us the most was the Philip Kaufman NASA movie The Right Stuff,” Seinfeld recalled. “That was the basic template. But we stole from a lot of different movies. We stole from The Godfather, we stole from Mad Men, we stole from How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. So, when you watch the movie, see if you can count how many movies we ripped off.”