This Debate Will Be Watched By Millions. And Might Influence Dozens.

Yeah, I suppose it’s my civic duty to at least pay attention to what will transpire tonight in Atlanta.  You know, that debate thing.

If you take the Associated Press at face value, and with the state of journalism these days one almost doesn’t have a choice, at least there will be a sizable audience for a Warner Brothers Discovery network tonight, as this article dropped early yesterday attests:

Most U.S. adults plan to watch some element of Thursday’s presidential debate and many think the event will be important for the campaigns of both President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, according to a new poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

Both men remain broadly unpopular as they prepare to face off for the first time since 2020, although Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, maintains a modest enthusiasm advantage with his base compared to Biden, the Democratic incumbent.

About 6 in 10 U.S. adults say they are “extremely” or “very” likely to watch the debate live or in clips, or read about or listen to commentary about the performance of the candidates in the news or social media.

The poll suggests tens of millions of Americans are likely to see or hear about at least part of Thursday’s debate despite how unusually early it comes in the campaign season. Both Biden and Trump supporters view the debate as a major test for their candidate — or just a spectacle not to miss.

Rising to the level of spectacle may be a tall order, considering the precedent these two set when they actually did debate in September 2020.  That was even more highly anticipated, if only for the fact it was original programming at a time when little of it was airing anywhere, especially on linear television.  We know what happened then–or at least I do.  NPR’s Rachel Treisman wrote a reminder yesterday in case it slipped your mind:

Their first on-stage matchup in September 2020 was dominated by Trump’s repeated interruptions and refusal to condemn white supremacists, and was widely criticized by viewers and commentators alike.

One COVID-canceled debate and some rule changes later, the two reunited for a final, less chaotic faceoff in October — at which point tens of millions of Americans had already cast their votes.

And if anything, whatever opinions one may have about each candidate have only deepened over time–including that reportedly 20 percent of voters who are “double haters”.  People who are frustrated by the fact that the absolute best the two major political parties can offer us to lead the free world are a 34-time convicted felon and an octogenarian who can’t seem to effectively articulate all he has supposedly done to make our lives better even given the fact he’s had three and a half years to attempt to communicate that already.

The AP poll underscores my own personal feeling with actual current statistics:

Most Americans, 56%, say they are “very” or “somewhat” dissatisfied with Biden being the Democratic Party’s likely nominee for president, and a similar majority are dissatisfied with Trump as the likely GOP nominee. The poll indicates that Republicans continue to be more satisfied with a re-nomination of Trump than Democrats are with an anticipated Biden re-nomination. Six in 10 Republicans are satisfied with Trump as a nominee; just 42% of Democrats say that about Biden.

About 3 in 10 U.S. adults are dissatisfied with both Trump and Biden as their party’s likely nominees – with independents and Democrats being more likely than Republicans to be dissatisfied with both.

And, sorry, I just don’t see how the changes that CNN will be instituting tonight are going to necessarily produce a more influential, let alone engaging, event.  Muting mikes, the lack of a live audience and throwing in commercials isn’t guaranteeing that Trump won’t rail, taunt and grandstand, and even if Biden’s hunkering down produces the version of a focused leader that we saw during last winter’s State of the Union address, I just can’t see it having the kind of impact that will sustain through to Election Day.  After all, that address took place just about as long ago as we are away from Decision 2024, and look where the popularity contest sits now.

If only the folks planning this had been fans of IN LIVING COLOR.  You do remember how they used to settle differences, don’t you?   As recalled:

Ah, “The Dirty Dozens” from In Living Color! That sketch comedy series, which originally aired from 1990 to 1994, featured a diverse cast of comedians. In Season 5, Episode 2, titled “The Dirty Dozens,” they brought forth another hilarious installment. The comedy sketches revolved around the popular comedic game known as “The Dirty Dozens.” The object of the game? To deliver those classic “Yo Mama” jokes! 🤣12

For example, T-Dog Jenkins dropped this gem: “Yo mama’s so fat, they had to baptize her at Sea World.” Classic! 

Considering one candidate has essentially been delivering standup comedy on what he considers to be a campaign trail–which at least he has found the time to attempt even though he’s been a little busy with court dates–and the other is in fairly dire need to find a way to connect with as sizable a percentage of voters of color that he had four years ago, this might have been a format change that could have greatly benefitted him.

I know I’d be at least a tad more interested in what he might say if I knew he was capable of truly matching his opponent on his level, rather than rely upon a so-called higher ground strategy.  “Will you shut up, man?” has already been used.  So was “There you go again”.  (by a Republican, no less). And since I don’t think Jim Carrey or Tommy Davidson was part of the Camp David prep squad, I’m dubious what he might be able to say that will turn around an impactful percentage of those double haters–let alone those that are inexorably bound to casting their vote for who they somehow see as the modern day Cyrus.

So yeah, I’ll be in the camp of who AP classifies as the tens of millions of Americans are likely to see or hear about at least part of Thursday’s debate. But in all likelihood I’ll be working while it’s live because, hey, that’s how effective the current president has been at impacting my own economic outlook.   I might have paid more attention to a DIRTY DOZENS-like format, but so be it.

So instead of colorful commentary, I guess we’re just gonna get a whole lotta white noise.

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