They Got You, Bae

Sometimes, I’m accused of coming off overly snarky and know-it-all, and often that’s with justification.  When it comes to media and its study, and most sports, I’m pretty sure I’m knowledgable enough to hold my own with almost anyone, particularly those who think they know more despite far less experience in management or life.

But when it comes to music, particularly current music, I defer willingly to those who are younger and more invested,  Studies have shown that most people’s peak year of knowing who are the most popular performers comes when they are 16, and I won’t embarass either one of us by reminding you that was, well, more than a few years ago.

But I do know some current talents, especially those that have endured for a while, and I love a good storyline.  Which is why tonight’s Grammy Awards are, to me, a least a little more intriguing.  As Lisa Richwine of Reuters explained:

Pop superstar Beyonce, winner of more Grammy awards than any other female artist, has never taken home the coveted album of the year trophy at the music industry’s highest honors.

That could change on Sunday, according to industry experts and awards pundits, although it is not a sure thing in a formidable, wide-ranging field that includes Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny, pop musician Harry Styles, singer and flutist Lizzo, and disco-era Swedish hitmaker ABBA.

Beyonce heads into the show in Los Angeles with nine nominations, including an album of the year nod for dance-heavy album “Renaissance.” She has won 28 Grammys over her career, and she could break the all-time record of 31 on Sunday.

But the top prize has escaped her. The acclaimed 2016 album “Lemonade” was defeated by Adele’s “25,” prompting the British vocalist to say on stage that Beyonce deserved the honor.

Beyonce “is about to be the most-winningest Grammy award winner. There’s almost no way she’s not going to break the record,” said Jem Aswad, deputy music editor for Variety.

“But she has never won album of the year, one of the top awards, and that’s just wrong,” he added.

And as Jason Brow of Hollywood Life details, while she hasn’t quite been the Susan Lucci of music, her batting average hasn’t been stellar:

  • Beyoncé heads into the 2023 Grammys with nine nominations, the most out of anyone.
  • She has a total of 88 nominations, tied for first with her husband, Jay-Z
  • Despite Bey being the winningest performer in Grammy History, she’s won only once in the General field.

Beyoncé could likely make Grammy history – again. With 28 awards under her belt, Beyoncé, 41, is already the performer with the most Grammy wins in history, a feat she accomplished in 2022. Going into the 2023 ceremony, she’s tied along with producer Quincy Jones at 28 and just three behind conductor Georg Solti‘s 31 wins.

I’ve listened to some of the cuts from “Renissance” (hey–there’s that RE thing again!) and, I have to admit, it’s addictive even to me.  I suspect with a few oysters and clams it could be one heck of a Valentine’s Day soundtrack.

Those more knowledgable about her body of work suggest I should listen to “Lemonade” as well, and notice how she’s evolved in confidence and swagger since then.  I suppose I should, and I can definitely identify.  I could say tonight could be the fulfillment of her “destiny”, but that’s far too low-hanging fruit for this to conclude on.

Instead, I’ll merely hope that she does break the record, and gives her hubby some needed distraction.  After all, that little basketball team he owns a part of is back in the news, and I’m not so sure he’s all that eager to hear what could be happening to them in the next few days.  One of his employees might be forcing his way into a trade that will have him in Los Angeles, and may just disrupt his chances for glory, all the more reason for him to root on his “bae” tonight.

If nothing else, if she does get a haul of wins, at least he knows someone who can help ship the trophies to them.

Until next time…

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