They Couldn’t Bear To Make Us Wait

The braintrust at FX has seemed to have its finger on the pulse of exactly what a great deal of America wants and needs for decades.  Never has that intuitive flair been more in evidence than this week.

For weeks, they were set on a Thursday, June 27th release date for Season 3 of THE BEAR on its sister Hulu platform, a shrewd strategy given the fact that for all intents and purposes the country is about to shut down for an extended Fourth of July holiday respite and dropping ten episodes just as that escape is about to escalate is an optimal time to drop a show that has been the recipient of numerous awards for its first two seasons since we last left the fine folks from that Chicago bistro.

But Thursday night also happens to be when two old, cranky men will trudge into an arena on the campus of Georgia Tech University and, at least at this writing, attempt to tell America why they deserve a second four years running our country.  Not that much that we haven’t already heard will likely be said, assuming what is being billed as a “debate” actually goes off as publicized.  I’m skeptical at best, and would welcome any excuse for distraction.

So FX and Hulu read said tea leaves and accelerated their drop to tonight, 24 hours in advance of said purportedly monumental event.  Considering barely 30 percent of that time will be needed for uberfans to binge the entire season, and in all likelihood will create a lot of favorable buzz and even threaten to drop a few spoilers to further whet appetites, I dare say they’re doing their part to make America tolerable, if not great, again.

Not that they haven’t already been doing so.  The DEADLINE troika of Armando Tinoco, Katie Campione and Natalie Sitek provided this teaser last night:

Jeremy Allen White is teasing The Bear Season 3 and revealing that his character Carmy will continue making similar mistakes in the new season.

“He never seems to be able to apologize very well,” White told Deadline during the show’s premiere at El Capitan Theatre. “You see Carmy make some similar mistakes this year. When he leaves that walk-in he feels like he let everybody down. He’s filled with a lot of guilty, a lot of shame.”

To get an idea of how Carmy will be in Season 3, White said his character will be similar “to the Carmy you saw after the episode ‘Review’ in the first season where I think he embarrassed himself with how he treated everybody.”

White continued, “Instead of facing it and trying to treat it and apologize, I think he buries himself back in his work and he pushes himself and everybody else around him thinking that, that is what they want or what they might need.”

And DELISH’s Alison Arnold is downright agog with anticipation and even offering up what she thinks might go down:

Last season we watched the team build The Bear—renovating the space, passing inspections, and creating a menu. It culminated in Friends & Family night, the restaurant’s first service—and Carmen (Jeremy Allen White) getting stuck in the walk-in fridge. So this season, we expect to see The Bear up and running and all the mayhem that coincides with keeping a restaurant open.

Using the trailer, online synopsis, episode list, and recent interviews as clues, here are five predictions for season 3.

1. Romance—But Not What You Think

Claire (Molly Gordon) returns in season 3, and the trailer shows a few clips alluding to her relationship with Carmy in season 2. It appears we’ll find out what happens between these two on Thursday.

2. Syd and Carmy’s Partnership Grows

From the trailer, we know that Syd and Carmy are going to enter into some sort of more formal business partnership in season 3. “It is a partnership agreement, so that you can push me and I can push you,” Carmy says in the trailer.

3. Non-Negotiables Are Going To Cause Tension

In the season 3 trailer, Carmy introduces a list of “non-negotiables,” which he said is “how restaurants at the highest level operate.” Some of these include vibrant collaboration, less is more, pursuit of excellence, and changing the menu every day. Some of the staff seem to make fun or question the list, and we can only assume this will cause some tension.

4. There Will Be A Funeral

The last episode of the season is titled Forever and has the description “Another funeral.”

5. There Will Be A Lot Of Cooking

Last month we wrote about Jeremy Allen White’s interview with Variety, where he talked about what will happen in season 3. “[F]or the second season, so much of it was about putting the restaurant together, so there wasn’t that much cooking. But now, in the third season, I think we’re going to go back to that functioning kitchen atmosphere that we had in the first,” he told Variety.

I’m not sure all of Arnold’s predictions qualify as out of the box or even likely.  But I know I’m far more invested in finding out if hers come to pass than those of the media pundits drumrolling the countdown to tomorrow night in Atlanta.

So thank you once again, FX, for taking the small step to get out in front of a potential albatross to your success upside and give us something else to fill our screens and our minds besides the ramblings of a couple of guys who are little more than white noise–in the literal sense–to a whole lot of us.

I suspect some more accolade awaits you once these episodes are out there.  You’ve even given me a reason to offer it in advance of that.

Until next time…

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