Perp And Circumstance?

I can’t escape it.  No matter where I turn to escape my severe real-life worries (it’s the end of the month, and rent is due again), all I seem to see is reaction and overreaction to an indictment of some old horndog that went down yesterday in New York.

My Facebook friends, many of whom have reduced their lives to cowering in their homes afraid to have any actual physical engagement with other human beings, were positively giddy when this news went down yesterday.  The thought of a perp walk or a mug shot of this person that they seem to revile so passionately was turning their normally dour and mournful attitudes into virtual celebrations.

The headlines of today’s newspapers are screaming in capitalized letters, pointing out the unprecedented significance of a former U.S. president being indicted.  You can get detailed blow-by-blow timelines of what we can expect going forward almost anywhere.  For so many people, that’s the equivalent of Outlook Calendar or TV Guide.

I have one simple question for all of these people and entities:

Why?  Do?  YOU?  CARE?

So Orange Jesus supposedly couldn’t wait until his trophy wife stopped nursing to get his toadstool handled by a woman he paid for.  He is hardly the first, nor will he be the last, obese misoygnist with enough disposable income to do that.  He has supposedly committed far more serious and impactful crimes and misdemeanors against states and institutions and has caused far more irreperable psychological trauma to those involved in those situations than any pain and suffering the likes of Michael Cohen or Stephanie Clifford ever endured.  I dare say they and anyone else attached to this indictable scandal are more capable of paying their bills this month than I am.

And yet, there are numerous posts claiming that America, and their faith in it, was “saved by a porn srar”.  And they’re literally salivating at the possibility of this image–which, sorry to say, is, right now, “fake news”, as Forbes’ Matt Novak was compelled to remind people yesterday:

Have you seen a mugshot of former president Donald Trump? It’s completely fake—at least it’s fake at the time of this writing. Because after news broke of Trump’s indictment on felony charges on Thursday social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook were flooded with fake images purporting to show Trump’s mugshot. But none of them are real.

Earlier this month, someone created several photo-realistic images of Trump being detained by police using the AI-image creator Midjourney. But those are fake too.

The last time a celebrity mugshot was this anticipated was when this one was on the front page of many of the same newspapers that crowed about that indictment yesterday.  Yeah, that OTHER O,J..  Yet another horndog who just couldn’t handle the fact that his former trophy wife could see in a WAITER what she once saw in him.   I actually WAS impacted directly by that.

The infamous “white Bronco” chase with Al Cowlings acting as O.J. Simpson’s abetting chauffeur actually passed right in front of the synogague where my first fiancee and I were awaiting a blessing ceremony called an Aufruf, which explains for the masses thusly:

The term “aufruf” (often pronounced oof-roof or oif-ruf) means “calling up” in Yiddish, and refers to the custom that the groom be called to the Torah in the synagogue on the Shabbat preceding his wedding. This calling-up to the Torah sometimes balloons into a larger celebration, at times extending over the entire weekend.

I had my headset on while I was awaiting this ritual, one my fiancee’s fiance was insistent upon as they honestly never expected their daughter would ever have one.  I was monitorning Game 5 of the 1994 NBA finals with my beloved New York Knicks playing a crucial game seeking their first title in 21 years.  When a bulletin broke into the broadcast describing the route the police chase was taking on, I all but yelled “Fire!”, just in time for the early-arriving guests to see the surreal parade of slow-moving police cars, news media choppers and, then, that infamous Ford, where we could clearly see Simpson cowering in the cargo area, on his cellphone, and distraught.  Needless to say, a damper was put on the night’s festivities after that.

Were YOU actually impacted as much by anything Orange Jesus did that is now being deemed a prosecutable felony?

Let me give y’all a reality check.  As Newsweek’s Ewan Palmer wrote yesterday, don’t expect any kind of perp walk:

While Trump will likely face the standard processing procedure once he is taken into custody—such as getting fingerprinted and having his mugshot taken—there may be some slight deviations as authorities prepare for the unprecedented arrest of a one-time commander in chief. For a start, it is unlikely that Trump will be made to take part in a so-called perp walk outside the Manhattan court in front of the world’s press over fears of the potential for violent protests, or the possibility that the former president could face danger.  Trump is not accused of violent crimes that would warrant his hands being cuffed behind his back. While defendants in white collar crimes are often placed in cuffs with their hands in front of them, it is likely that an exception will be made for a former U.S. president who has surrendered and will be flanked by armed Secret Service agents.

And considering what those who consider this all of this an affront are thinking today, that’s probably a darn good thing,  As AllHipHop reported, they’ve been kinda active on social media lately, too.

News of Trump’s indictment sparked outrage from his ardent supporters on social media. MAGA diehards suggested going to war in support of the twice-impeached ex-president.

Check out some of the MAGA reactions to the indictment below.

Ronny Jackson
This is a dark day in American history. President Trump’s only “crime” was MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! These cowardly Democrats HATE Trump and HATE his voters even more. When Trump wins, THESE PEOPLE WILL PAY!!




The still-unbeaten New York Mets have their home opener next week.  If Orange Jesus were to be paraded in public as so many people who think this ritual is something to be savored, there’s a good chance it would be postponed.  Frankly, given our recent rash of injuries and how every single game matters, I’m going to be far more directly impacted and emotional is that were to occur rather than if we are denied the opportunity to turn our AI-generated images into reality.
Just as Al Capone was ultimately imprisoned for tax evasion, because it was impossible for authorities of the era to actually implicate him in more serious crimes–akin to the type that Mr. Simpson was charged with and himself later acquitted on–the indictments handed down yesterday do have a politically convenient way of an ends to justify a means.  To assume that the law is always fair or just, especially for those who command the kind of delusional fervor his own rating stokes, is a fantasy.
But to insinuate that AMERICA was saved by a porn star?!!  REALLY??
Let’s you and I compare notes.  Now I can make a more personal case for that statement.  But you probably couldn’t handle my truth, and I’m ashamed to admit most of you wouldn’t care even a whit as much as you do about seeing someone you likely never met, and were never actually directly impacted by, to get his walk of shame moment.  Some of you may even contribute to the likes of Adam Schiff, who was as quick to hit up social media with donation requests as those above were with their own thoughts and desires.
So, yet again, I’ll provide the link below for any of you to consider others who actually could use your help.  Because, once again, the rent is due.  (Incidentally, for anybody keeping score, please NOTE that my explanation has been amended, as “requested”).
I dare say you could do more good, and be more personally impacted, by any empathy or response to my request than any from Schiff, his president and certainly from those who support Orange Jesus.  Maybe we can’t make America Great Again.  I’ll settle for just making ourselves a bit more focused and emphathic again.
Until next time…  

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