New Beginnings

Anyone who has read these musings recently know what today is for me, and how this one has particularly made me feel.  I’ll ask that if you missed it, you perhaps click on the link within this site to take you back, for it has a specific and extremely sincere and heartfelt call to action.

Or, you can simply click here: I’d Like To Go Off The Board, Jack – Aisle of Wit

That’s right, a THIRD site from yours truly.  Because it’s high time this site grew up.

I can’t begin to tell you how many different people have complained about the direction these musings sometimes take when I allow my personal situation to overtake my unique ability to intellectually observe in detail what’s wrong, and, yes, what’s right with an industry I still allow myself to believe I am a significant part of.   I actually can’t because were I to believe those who tell me that number is far higher than that of which I am aware since they’ve actually spoken to or e-mailed ME, I’d probably be a lot more monetizable then I’ve been able to calculate.

But the fact is, there are people who actually did sample this site at least once.  Which means that as difficult as it may be to get a second crack at their loyalty, it still is a possibility.  Essentially, the concept of frequency exposure to wear down a potential buyer is a tactic steeped in broadcast media.  Radio has been an industry built on spot packages across a daypart, the more the better.  The algorithmic calculations your favorite social media site makes so that you see the same ad for the same pathetically expensive heat massager or custom trunk and interior accessories for your high-end car or phone are no different than the human forethought planners of earlier generations exercised to optimize how often and when you’d hear a radio spot for a supermarket sale or concert.

But the burden is clearly on me to clean up my “act” in order to convince those who are indeed intolerant of what they may see as overly emotional outbursts.  And since I somehow made it to a new year in spite of all that has happened, and especially the wishes of at least three people I’ve known, this is an apropos a time for me to move the majority of those musings to its own private island.  Where, much like Paul McCartney warbled in a tune most apropos for me today, one can find a cottage.

Well thanks to my limited generative AI skill sets and your ability to suspend reality enough to envision the Isle of Wight and accept that grotesque images that more closely resemble nightmarish sketches of Bob Denver and Larry Fine crossed with Medusa will beckon you to a cottage at the end of an “aisle” of what I hope you’ll allow has more than its share of “wit”, I’ve chosen to move the 77 musings I’ve deemed might be a little too off base to said cottage, and give you the option to visit, not shove it down your throats.

There will be additional posts on, ones that actually will be designed as ones intended to make you think.  And there may still be some on this site that could include a few personal reflections and reactions.  After all, we all see the world through our own filters and experiences.  I’ve got more than many in both cases, and probably a broader array than most.  And every day I still get the chance to breathe, that perspective evolves.  As should yours.

So pass the word, please.  From this day forward this site will attempt to be more focused on media and world events, because Lord knows more than enough is happening there, and if the site of a thrice-indicted and twice-impeached morbidly obese modern day Cyrus waddling through the fields of Iowa and creating a near-riot of supportive fervor by simply saluting a pork chop on a stick doesn’t scare you, little else well.

And believe me, that sort of fervor that still clogs the sidewalks outside most studios around my town is just as feverish, even more impassioned, and heading toward draconian in impact.

The common thread to dealing with this dual existential threats is knowledge, because knowledge is power.  And I want every single person who spends a second here to have more.

And, frankly, I want to bask in your glow and potentially get some rub-off, financially, especially.

So I won’t feel compelled to post links to my other sites.   Like the one I’ve reiterated once last time at the bottom of this post.

But for now, such is life.

Will you still need me?  Will you still feed me?

Those of you who are either old enough or an astute enough student of music history will know the particularly poignant timing of these questions.

How they are answered are up to you.

I’m committed to doing my part to give you more different reasons to say yes.

I hope I make some progress.

And if you can, visit the from time to time.  As you can see, the cottage needs a little TLC.

Until next time…

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