Me, Her and US

If you’re one of the blessed people who have indulged this space with frequent visits, you already know quite a lot about me.  LEBLANGUAGE, as I’ve frequently reminded, is the relentless pursuit of rigorous honesty through the conveyance of indisputable facts, passionate opinions and known truths.  It’s time you knew more about two particularly influences on me these days, especially since today’s day for both.

US is a project I’ve been quietly devoting some spare time to in recent weeks.  It is a passion project of very talented musicians and longtime friends to tell their stories in song and share their dream with anyone who will listen.  Music has long been an outlet for expression, and many of the most financially successful and emotionally impactful works come from similar roots of passion and self-introspection that, frankly, mirror the principles of LEBLANGUAGE.  Rather that attempt to tell you the stories of the people who have exposed me to incredible talent, tireless drive and pureness of heart, I’ll direct you to where you can learn more about my newfound colleagues, friends and inspirations.  Samples of some of our stories in song are included to hopefully whet your appetites for more.  If you find it appealing, please like and, more importantly, comment on the social media platform(s) of your choice.  It will be invaluable to growing our family and, equally significantly, improve our chances to actually make a buck or two from it.  I think you can understand we’d appreciate a small return on our investment.  Our intention is to release an EP with a label and tour later this year.  I’ll be your contact to arrange that.  I really want to be busy.

And her.  Oh yes, her.  I’ve hinted at Her several times already.  No, it’s not the beautiful ex-roommate I often describe.  I don’t dare mention her name and, as you know, while she uplifted and inspired me, there is far more painful emotion still associated with her than not.  She is definitely a lower case “h”.  My Her is someone who is far more beautiful, inside as well as out, who shares a history with the other her but like me has zero contact with said other one these days.  My Her is arguably my closest female friend, my absolute inspiration, my constant support and in a very short period of time has become one of my most ardent supporters.

My Her is gracious, gregarious and loving.  Her pets adore her and she them, and she has shared her friends with me openly.  Those that are blessed enough to call her their friend are equally as genuine, honest and beautiful in their own ways.  Like Her, they rebound from adversity, prioritize honesty, love the simplicity of just hanging out and chilling with a simple meal (something other than Little Caesar’s, please!!) and appreciate what small victory they may achieve with uplifting texts, emojis and phone calls.  Those who live nearby hug-a LOT.  No social distancing here, PUH-LEESE.  So, naturally, they’ve all become my friends.

My Her never lets a day go by without checking in with me on how I am doing.  It’s a lot more than many in my life choose to do.  Granted, she doesn’t have the distractions of human children or a 9-5 job or a long commute to get in the way.  Thankfully, no major health issues at this time, either.  That said, she has a full life of her own.  And yet–I’m important enough to warrant a daily connection, as are many of her other friends and relatives.  Knowing that her sweet voice or uplifting emojis are going to hit before sunset motivate me to keep going, often at times when my world throws me enough curveballs and roadblocks to not want to

Today’s a special milestone birthday for my HER.  I won’t tell you which specific birthday it is, but I will share that my HER described this day as one that precedes what she considers to be the start of being “over the hill” (I vehemently disagree with her assessment, but she’s entitled to her opinion).   So, by extension, today she is at the top of her hill.  She’s queen of her own mountain, at the pinnacle of life and at the apex of opportunity.  She’s a triumphant warrior and should be depicted with sword in hand, fist pumped in the air, standing far taller than her actual height (a talent she has mastered) and we should all remind her, hopefully in a way far less obnoxious than Kimberly Guilfoyle said–The!  Best!  Is!  Yet!  To!  Come!!!

My HER is Shelly Jones.Happy birthday, sweet friend.  Happy birthday to HER.  Please find her on your social media and join me in giving her that wish.  She deserves it and a whole lot more.  As you may be able to surmise, I kinda like HER a lot. 🙂

Until next time….

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