It Should Be YOUR First Day Of School, Too

Yes, it’s in the range of 100 degrees in a great deal of the country, and all reports are it will stay that way for a while.  Of course, in today’s world, that’s ideal weather for going back to school.  Here in LA, despite the unfounded fears of so many, the return begins today–yes, whether you may like it or not, in person, three-dimensional, with healthier meals than most are likely to have in their fridge.   Score one for sanity.

Well, if kids can get into the frame of mind of learning again, so, too, should you, particularly when you will have the opportunity to come face-to-face with dozens of experts once you digest the breadth of their experience, their related fields and, most of all, the financial opportunity they see around one ubiquituous and undeniably sustainable product–cannabis.

Since we last checked in on the upcoming Cannabis Investment Forum, a slew of additional speakers and sponsors have been added.  From the forum’s organizer, Brad Turner, here is a partial, updated list:

Featured Participants
 Wallstreet Research
 NFT Strategies

Cory Rodriguez NFN8 Group
Daniel Nuygen, CEO, Dalex Laboratories 
, Founder, CEO, MJ-Pak 
, Executive Director, President, LA NORML
, Founder & CEO, My Green Network
, CEO & Co-Founder, GoodFOR
, Financial Manager, NFN8 Group
, CEO, Cannabis Trust Fund
. Stroh K. Stroh, Senior Managing Director, Boustead Securities
 COO, GrowwLand

, CEO, MedWatch Technologies
, CEO, Director Ejecutivo, Golden Green Advisors
Risa Rosa, Co-founder, CEO, INCUBAKD
, President, CEO, Green World Leasing
 CEO Monetaipro
, Co-Founder, NKore BioTherapeutics

Media & Marketing Partners
 Wow! Is Me!
 The Cannabis Chamber of Commerce
 Chef Matt Cooks
 Wampler Canethics
 Cambio Crypto
 de Giovanni The Emerald Magazine
 Rousseau diplomatiq

Your homework assignment is to research as many of this influential and insightful entrepreneurs as possible before Saturday, purchase one of the numerous ways to gain in-person access to this event, and be prepared to ask questions and LEARN how you can be as successful as they are–perhaps more so.  As a refresher, the link to do just that can be found below.

Sure, you have the option of online viewing, and if indeed travel isn’t possible for you, by all means do so.  But if you’re waiting for the pandemic to end or for inflated numbers to reach a level of comfort that some “expert” has ordained as “safe”, well, you’re clearly smoking something, and there’s a good chance it’s not as high-quality or healing as what you might discover this coming Saturday at Incubakd.

Bring a mask if you must–if you’re really THAT scared, you can even bring two.  But bring an open mind.  And wear pants.

See you there, I pray.

Until next time…

August 13, 2022 Cannabis Investing Forum Los Angeles.
* Blockchain * Crypto * Metaverse * NFT * Web3
Eventbrite Registration Link
In person event and live webinar.
Complimentary tickets for investors.
Industry professionals only $49
Free Webinar Registration.
Opportunities to speak, pitch to investors, exhibit, sponsor, media and marketing partners.
The Cannabis Investing Forum Los Angeles will be featuring speakers and panels discussing the global investing opportunities in the Blockchain, Cannabis, Crypto, Metaverse, NFT, and Web3 industries!​
Includes exhibitors, investor pitch competition, NFT Showcase for NFT Collection Community Speakers, networking party, VIP Gift Bag and GrowwLand Metaverse Experience.

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