A Change In Plans, To Be Blunt

So you remember this week began with a call to action about an NFT conference?  (Feel free to refresh your memory via the link at the bottom if you’ve already forgotten).  Well, everything I rattled off about the opportunties and benefits of NFTs are true, but let’s just say for a variety of reasons not enough people apparently wanted to attend a one-day seminar to learn about that exclusively.  So game called on account of indifference.

But there are quite a number of other ways that people are making money these days, and as I’ve insisted the value of actually being in the same room at the same time with the people who can help you is FAR more important than ever.  So I’m pleased to let you all know about a day-long investment seminar, the CANNABIS INVESTING FORUM  in Los Angeles on August 13,  that will include experts and entrepreneurs speaking not only NFTs but businesses that pivot around cannabis investing.

Cannabis is currently a $16.7B industry, per Forbes, and projects to be a $43B industry within three years, as 10 additional states (not the least of which being New York and Florida) begin legal selling. By the end of the decade, current projections are that this will be more than a $100B industry.  Not only are the traditional avenues of growing and dispensing available, but as technology evolves there’s even digital business opportunities evolving. GrowwCoin is one of several entreprenurial entitiesl that are taking advantage of the connection between the appreciation of art, investing and a quality strain.   The demographics on the cannabis consumer are eye-opening,  The median income of a cannabis user is more than $80,000 a year.  A majority are married and have families.  Any myths about stoners living in basements off their families are pure folly (they’re more than likely dealing meth, tbh).

I know there are far too many people that remain petrified to leave their bubbles, particualrly in light of the disturbing news I wrote about yesterday, blah, blah, blah, mask mandates.   There is an option to view this event virtually, and if distance and/or legitimate illness concerns are an issue, then by all means take full advantage of it.  But if you are indeed healthy and can make it to Los Angeles, please open your eyes (and your airwaves) to the possibilities that abound by connecting for real.  The investment is nominal, the benefits are substantial, and the buzz is truly healing,  Much like the product itself.

More to come in the next few weeks, to be sure.  But for now get started with the link below, and if you can carve out a day to learn something that could change your life both financially and medicinally, do so.

Until next time….

Cannabis Investing Forum Los Angeles * Blockchain * Crypto * NFT * Web3 Tickets, Sat, Aug 13, 2022 at 10:00 AM | Eventbrite

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